Min, Sylvia


Graphic Design I ( ART 035 )

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts, practices, and theories of graphic design. Students will be exposed to visual thinking and the design process. Students will practice professional graphic design techniques and principles from initial conception to final execution. Topics include integration of the principles of design, color, and composition utilizing computers.

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Graphic Design II ( ART 038 )

This course builds on the visual language achieved in Graphic Design I and further develops communication skills, concepts and theories that create successful visual design. Topics include combining and utilizing design principles and exploration of visual organization theory and informational theory. Emphasis is placed upon developing an aesthetic which recognizes the visual impact of typographic choices. Students who complete this course will gain a further understanding of the principles of design and learn specific uses of design in advertising, corporate identity design, Web design, and interactive media.

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Intro to Digital Video ( ART 039 )

This is a hands-on course covering the basic techniques of digital filmmaking, camera techniques, lighting and sound. Topics will include the theory and practice of concept and design, camera techniques, lighting, sound recording and other fundamentals of producing a short film in the digital video medium. Students will shoot and produce their own footage and record their own sound. Students will engage in various filming exercises, as well as in group and individual projects. In addition, students will be required to complete homework assignments outside of class time.

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