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Glendale Community College

Drawing For Animation ( Art 201 )

ART 201 introduces students to drawing for animation. Learning to draw from the imagination is a primary goal of this course. Students learn to analyze and construct the human fi gure and animals as well as to create environments for animated characters. Topics discussed include gesture and attitude drawing, structure, weight, anatomy, and perspective. Drapery and lighting are also be discussed.


Introduction To Character Design ( Art 209 )

ART 209 introduces students to character design for animation. Students explore and develop traits of particular characters and particular archetypes. Students draw from life as well as from the imagination. Topics to be discussed include shape, silhouette, color, caricature, underlying structure, and costume. Students will be expected to keep a sketchbook and to create model sheets for their own personal designs.


Job Skills

Animation - Character Design - Illustration - Modeling