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Long Beach City College

Introduction to Broadcasting ( RTV 1 )

Introduction to Broadcasting explores the evolution of mass media and its impact on society. The class will analyze methods the media uses to persuade the consumer and become an educated viewer and evaluate their tactics

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Intro to Careers in Radio & Television ( RTV 2 )

This course explores the various occupations in the radio and television field, including broadcast, cable, industrial and multimedia production. Students will investigate employment opportunities, as well as the required skills and personal qualifications necessary for employment in this element of the entertainment industry. Guest speakers will discuss current industry issues and standards

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Advanced Television Production ( RTV 15 )

This class explores the creation and production of television program material with an emphasis on the quality of the finished product. Projects which students produce, direct and crew will be largely of their own choosing.

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Television Activity ( RTV 35 )

This course provides an opportunity and responsibility to work in a variety of jobs involved in the video taping of various college events and/or projects or student selected projects in the television studio. Projects may be broadcast on the college cable channel and/or used in the student news show.

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Broadcast News Production ( RTV 36 )

In this course students will learn various aspects of producing a television newscast. Students will participate in gathering information, writing, editing and producing news, sports, editorials, and weather segments. Students will work as managing editors, operate equipment, and edit video packages.

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On-Camera Performance ( RTV 40 )

This course involves the practical application of performance techniques as applied to working in front of a camera. Performances are video-taped and analyzed which will help the student understand what is necessary in the preparation of audition material. Students will gain knowledge about each area responsible for a TV production.

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Fieldwork in Radio/Television ( RTV 70 )

This course covers topics including the employee's role and responsibilities in the Radio/Television/Film industry. It will also cover professional and desirable traits needed to gain employment in the entertainment industry. Emphasis will be placed on setting and achieving three fieldwork objectives and how to solve everyday issues and problems in the workplace. This course also covers guidelines for students to participate up to 125 hours of supervised fieldwork at a preapproved work site as out of classroom assignments. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to be successful in obtaining employment in the Radio/Television/Film industry