Martin McNamara


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DeAnza College

The Storyboard and Visual Development for Animation ( FTV 70A )

Techniques of animation pre-production as applied to visual story development, character design, storyboards, environment and prop design. Principles of cinematic design, model sheets, and spatial environment depth with application to both digital and traditional drawn visual development techniques.

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Basic Techniques of Animation: Stop Motion ( FTV 66A )

Techniques of three-dimensional stop-motion and non-cel animation, as applied to a variety of art media (puppet, clay, pixillation, shadow puppets and other under-camera art media). Principles of movement and timing, lighting and cinematography, and multiplane dimensionality, with application to both computer and traditional drawn animation.

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Japanese Animation ( FTV 75K )

An examination of the post-1960's evolution of animated films in Japan, a national cinema famed for its range of subject matter and outstanding graphics. Provides critical methodology for analysis of exemplary and influential works by distinguished artists, writing collectives and production studios from aesthetic, sociopolitical, economic and technological perspectives.

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