Marco A. Marquez


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DeAnza College

Introduction to Visual Technology ( ARTS 53 )

A survey course for artists and designers, using digital software as a medium of artistic expression. An introduction of fundamental concepts, practices, and theories of digital art production. Student projects will explore the creative and artistic potential of introductory software and experience how each one relates to today's artistic and digital media environment. Topics will include the integration of traditional design, color, and compositional principles with contemporary digital tools. Introductory use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

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Visual Technology II ( ARTS 54 )

Introductory use of art and design software for the computer. Emphasis on the creative process and the computer as a tool used by artists and designers today. Software used are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

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Graphic Design-Communication: Typography ( ARTS 57 )

Interpretation of the elements and principles of design as applied to the use of typography in graphic design. Emphasis on the integration and selection of letter forms and type styles as they relate to the production for the printed page, multimedia design and the World Wide Web. Software used includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

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Graphic Design: UI/UX and the World Wide Web ( ARTS 65 )

Hands-on Web page design fundamentals with an emphasis on the creative integration of type and image as related to the World Wide Web. Topics will include: navigation software, site content and organization, site layout, scanning and importing imagery, file formats, grids, white space, visual hierarchy, corporate identity/branding and typography issues. The primary software programs used are Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Illustrator CS.

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Job Skills

Animation - Computer Graphics - 3D Computer Graphics - 3D Characters - Aesthetics - Compositing - Illustration - Layout - Graphic Design - Digital Painting - Digital Imaging - Mobile Devices/Apps - Motion Graphics - Modeling - Photo Editing