Moorpark College

Intro to Mass Communications ( FTVM M01 )

FTVM M01 – INTRODUCTION TO MASS COMMUNICATIONS 3 UNITS Prerequisites: None Surveys the mass communication media and their interrelationships with society, including history, structure, and trends in a global, digital age. Explores theory of mass communication, media effects, economics, gender and cultural diversity, and examines media law, ethics, technology, and social issues with an emphasis on media literacy. Applies to Associate Degree. Transfer credit: CSU; UC FTVM: This transfer and career preparation (CTE) program boasts a fully equipped sound stage and television studio offering additional classes and production opportunities for students interested in acting and directing, as well as the technical aspects of television, film and audio production, and digital asset management. It is also the home of KMCJ the new Moorpark College Radio Station training the radio engineers, technicians and on-air talent of tomorrow.

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Long Beach City College

Advanced Television Production ( RTV 15 )

This class explores the creation and production of television program material with an emphasis on the quality of the finished product. Projects which students produce, direct and crew will be largely of their own choosing.

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Long Beach City College

Radio Activity ( RTV 25 )

This course provides the opportunity and responsibility to work in a variety of jobs involved in the operation of one of the college's two internet radio stations. Students will work on air and behind the scenes. Hours outside of the class time are arranged in consultation with the instructor.


Long Beach City College

Radio Production ( RTV 21 )

This course features the creation and production of radio program material. Projects include: disc jockey shows, news programs, interviews, commercials, editing, microphone set-up and audio board operation. Other aspects of radio station operation will be covered, such as management, sales, audience analysis and ratings.

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