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Glendale Community College

Introduction To Motion Graphics ( Art 220 )

ART 220 provides students with introductory instruction in motion graphics, compositing, visual effects, and animation techniques using Adobe After Effects. Students learn to use digitally scanned photography or artwork, vector based content, video, and audio to create animated sequences. Fundamental aesthetic concepts in creating motion graphics are covered, including composition, color, motion, and timing. Students are exposed to basic technical concepts, such as aspect ratio, output type, and compression/decompression.


Advanced Motion Graphics ( Art 221 )

ART 221 provides students with advanced instruction in motion graphics and compositing techniques using Adobe After Effects. Students learn to create broadcast-quality motion graphic animations. Building on the skills learned in ART 220, students are required in this course to realize their designs with a high degree of fidelity to their original design concepts.


Job Skills

Animation - Kinematics - Visual Effects - Compositing - Motion Graphics - Aesthetics - 3D Characters - 3D Computer Graphics