Aimee Gillette


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DeAnza College

Introduction to Electronic Media ( FTV 10 )

A survey course of the history, aesthetics, technology and social impacts of electronic media, including film, broadcasting and the Internet. Explores the role of government, advertising, audiences, and emerging technologies, their futures and impacts on global societies.

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Beginning Video Production ( FTV 20 )

Basic introduction to the workflows of single-camera video production is offered in this course. Skills learned will cover all three phases of production from pre-production through post production. Using single camera production techniques, students will learn scripting, camera and audio recording, location lighting, directing, and editing through the completion of short video projects.

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Nonlinear Editing ( FTV 27 )

Concepts and techniques of nonlinear digital video editing will be covered, including organization of the editing process, working in the timeline, audio editing, and basic visual effects. Emphasis will be placed on identifying general principles of film editing as well as different aesthetic techniques for different source material, such as commercials, dialogue scenes, and documentaries.

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Introduction to Film/Television Directing ( FTV 26 )

Development and execution of short, single-camera-style projects focusing on the skills of directing and editing.

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Introduction to Visual Effects and Color Grading ( FTV 56A )

Overview of finishing steps in modern, digital post-production. Film and television-based usage of Adobe After Effects in practical applications such as titling and composite work will be covered along with color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

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Intermediate Digital Film and Video Production ( FTV 39 )

Principles of digital video in the preproduction and production of a short project using cameras, lighting and sound equipment and post production digital editing.

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